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Braidwood School, Drum Circle, Birmingham, UK - June 2010

Braidwood School, Drum Circle, Birmingham, UK - June 2010

Hi Carl and Frank,

Just a quick mail to thank you for the workshop you ran this morning in our library. The pupils have been talking about the drumming all day since you left. You certainly had a positive effect on them! It was really nice to see our pupils fully engaged and concentrating on an activity that they rarely have an opportunity to take part in. I was amazed how well they performed. We have not had music on the curriculum for nearly 7 years, so to see them perform with rhythm and timing (2 areas that our pupils find very difficult) was refreshing. It was also nice to see Carl working with our pupils again. He ran a drum circle in the summer of 2003 with a mixture of pupils from Hodge Hill School and Braidwood School. I feel today's workshop was more successful as the pupils performed better.


Keith Barlow
Assistant Head Teacher
Braidwood School

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