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Bryn Celynnog, Beddau, Rhondda, Cynon taf, Wales UK - April 2005

Bryn Celynnog, Beddau, Rhondda, Cynon taf, Wales UK - April 2005

April 23, 2005

Dear Carl and Frank,

Can I once again thank you for an incredible day, our students were thrilled and you have certainly stimulated their thoughts and imaginations.

Once again thank you,
All Good Wishes,

Richard Thomas, Productions/Music Teacher & Assistant Head of 6th Form Bryn Celynnog

From Terry Thomas:

Thanks very much, again, to you and Carl for a fantastic day on the 23rd. (Trust that the others have gone as well). I've put a cd in the post to you with the photos that I took on the day; feel free to use any on the website.

Comments and feedback so far from the schools has been glowing.

Richard Thomas, Music Teacher at Bryn Celynnog said: '120 students glued to their to every word. 11-18 years old, mixed ability - excellent. Totally stimulating to the point that the school has made investigations into hiring a peripatetic drum tutor. When are you coming back?'

Helena Johns, Technology Teacher at Y Pant; 'the pupils were buzzing. They thoroughly enjoyed the experience.'

Richard Jones, Yr 9 at Y Pant: 'After attending the masterclasss I've been practicing for two hours a day, just like Carl said to'

Terry Thomas, EBP Co-coordinator: 'To have someone of the caliber and stature of Carl Palmer visit schools would be more than enough to inspire the pupils, to have him talk for an hour and then tutor for another hour has inspired and motivated them beyond measure. Carl has a gift for not only entertaining, which a lot of people can do, but also for holding their attention by his knowledge and humor. A master at his craft and a superb communicator - who could ask for more'.

Thanks again for all your hard work in organizing from your end. I look forward to the next meeting.


PS My son still hasn't recovered from the day and is still talking about it.

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