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Press Releases arrow 02 Dec 2010

Carl Palmer Band Wows Critics and Fans
During 2010 US/Canadian/South American Tour

Famed drummer’s 27 shows receive critical raves from media and fans,
including a perfect 5 out 5 stars average rating from Fan Reviews.
Carl Palmer and his brilliant trio (featuring guitarist Paul Bielatowicz and bassist Simon Fitzpatrick) has garnered a steady stream of positive reviews from national and local press, and perfect ratings from hundreds of fan reviews posted online at various music sites. Long considered one of the world greatest drummers, Palmer recently completed his first North & South American solo band tours since 2006. The band has been working throughout Europe, in between Palmer’s commitments to ASIA, and the recent ELP reunion in London.

Billed as THE CARL PALMER BAND CELEBRATES THE MUSIC OF ELP & OTHER COMPOSERS, the current tour has generated extensive press and had Palmer’s long time ELP fans excited at the prospect of hearing music of the legendary music he made with Emerson Lake & Palmer, played with his guitar-bass-drums power trio.

In addition to leaving fans thrilled, Palmer and his band has garnered some of the best reviews of his four decades plus career. But…don’t take our word for it:

"The Carl Palmer Band was a sonic smorgasbord for these ProgRock fans. Arguably the greatest drummer since Buddy Rich, Palmer is as good now as he ever was."
Daniel Knighton
San Diego Concerts Examiner

"Palmer Unleashes The Thunder On His Current Tour"

"Palmer and his players infuse these tunes with flowing musical diversity, ranging from jazzy improvisation, soaring stylized guitar leads, funk bass lines, classical melodies, and hard rock shredding, completed with Palmer rounding out the final song with a dynamic drum solo. – this is a listening experience."
Tom Wright
Hollywood Today

"This is however a uber-clever jam fest that takes in jazz fusion, classical and some funk. This is fascinating stuff to listen to..."
Marty Dodge
Seattle Post

“... Many people were open-mouthed as he bent over the drums & cymbals & was able to make the drumsticks "REVOLVE" on the drum set without his even holding them at one point... There was thunderous applause for that, and a similar response to virtually everything the group played...”
VOS- Los Angeles

"...a drummer near the height of his powers, clearly in tune with the past and the present."
Ken Micallef
Modern Drummer

"The world's greatest living drummer, Carl Palmer, wowed a packed house at B.B. Kings on October 19th with his trio, treating the assembled throng to a show that included interpretations of Emerson, Lake and Palmer material, wonderful improvisatory sections and a private drum clinic.”
Steve Janowsky

"Several standing ovations drew sincere appreciation from Carl Palmer and his band. Carl Palmer’s drumming continues to be listed in the top 10 when many make their top drummers of all time list."
George Burrows
Cedar Rapids Examiner

"Carl Palmer, the "P" of ELP, still tours and performs with the energy of an artist half his age. There’s an infectious exuberance about Palmer that is hard to ignore."
Ken Kolasinski
Montgomery News Media

"Palmer has lost none of his steam or power, and seems invigorated by the young guys (in his band). His drums drive the trio's powerful playing with the same energy he brought to ELP in the 1970s."
Howard Whitman
Classic Rock Revisted

"His guitarist, Paul Bielatowicz, absolutely blisters the material, and Palmer matches him note for note. What used to sound majestic (or, to some, bombastic; it was called derisively called "art rock" back in the day) now packs a monster wallop."
Marc Allan

In addition to the media response, the tour also received overwhelmingly positive fan response both at Palmer’s official site ( ) and at, where the tour received an average fan review of 5 out of 5 stars:

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